We established the company Tedoco s.r.o. – Construction office in 2021.

In the metal stamping field we offer both the complex design work for the new projects and the consultancy and the service support for the design adjustments of the existing tool as well.

We design our projects in CAD system SolidWorks. We regularly review and improve our quality through the internal rules of design.

Why to choose Tedoco

  1. We are the team of the specialists with the competence and the longtime practise.
  2. We are flexible and we are prepared to adapt our timetable to the project’s needs.
  3. We help you to decline your costs. You pay only for the contracted project’s cost.
  4. You can obtain the new prospects with us. We are independent and we draw the experience and knowledge from the solutions of the many another projects.
  5. We enable to you the quick access to the expert skills.

Our values

  • Fair dealing
  • Individual approach
  • Timetable flexibility
  • Long-term partnership

The detail offer of the Tedoco’s services are published in the web section: Our services

The examples of our completed projects are published in the web section: Gallery